Thursday, March 21, 2013

why should we so dua all the time , YOOSUF HABEEB

  1. About Dua.

    Dua itself is an Ibadath. We are created for doing Ibadath to The Almighty Allah.

    So, even if we don’t have any requirement, we should do Dua.
    But, for a man, such a state will be rare. However, his requirements on Aakhira will be there forever, so, he should make Dua at all times.

    As Dua itself is an Ibadath, we should benefit the results. For a Dua there are thre...e types of results.
    1. It will be directly answered.
    2. He will be prevented from a bad situation in place of attaining a good situation that he sought through Dua. For eg. Somebody sought job through Dua, but The Almighty paved him a way of doing good business.
    3. The making of Dua will be dealt with good rewards from the Aakhira, that is why he is not answered in this world. In that case he wishes that if all of his Duas not answered in the past.

    A true believer will never be impatient or desperate for not getting answers for his Duas. No matter, whether the unbeliever gets fulfilled his desire without a Dua, because Allah, The Almighty is Rahman also. Rahman means that He will pour His mercy upon all believers as well unbelievers in this World.

    So if a believer didn’t get answer for his Dua, he will just think that Allah had postponed the answer in lieu of a better one in Akhira.

    Allah, The Almighty is the only one source of all mercy, Rahmath and Niamath. His treasury is endless, countless, limitless and borderless.

    So we should keep on seeking from that treasury, i.e. making Dua for all our Dunya and Akhira requirements. But we should give priority to Akhira, then the Dunya will also be automatically solved.

    Allah, The Almighty asks us to keep our Duas continuously and He promises us that He will answer us. There is a condition for accepting our Duas, i.e, our body (food), mind (eemaan) and property (income) should be purified, Halal.

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